Mobile Bar.



We can supply you with a fully stocked bar for your event or party. 


We offer draft larger or beers, a good selection of top bar sprites and of course a good selection of gin and mixers. 


We offer a large selection of largers and beers to choose from. 



Our amazing coolers also a ready to just 10 mins after plugging them in! not overnight coooling required. 


We have a selection of bars to choose from, the traditional bar on your left and below. To a white wash bar for your shabby chic or a wooden rastic one. 



We can supply the TEN's licence you require should you not already have one for the event. 

Our friendly weel trained staff we always be happy to serve your guests with a small. 


All our bar accept cash & card. 


For smaller events do charge a set up fee but if the spend at the end of the night is over a set amount your set up fee will be refunded. 


You can see all our prices by clicking here



For larger events and festival no set up fee is required. 





So if you looking for a cost effective way or having drinks / bar served at your event without the added pressure just give us an email  to see what we can offer and for a copy of our bar prices.